Stand Out as a Musician by Building a Website

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Words by Renee Schmiedeberg

Whether you’re an artist, an entrepreneur, a chef, a musician or all of the above—you
need a website. With a website, your work, services, and talent are more easily
discovered by others. Because hiring your own Web Developer can get pricey, you’ll
need a website that’s affordable and easy to use. While there are many website providers
out there, Squarespace has a great deal on affordable and highly customizable templates,
allowing your creativity to shine through. After all, that’s why you’re a musician and not
a web developer (unless you’re both of these things, in which case, why are you reading
this article?).

Have All Your Pages In One Place
Many budding musicians have a separate Facebook page, SoundCloud, Tumblr,
Bandcamp, etc. But with your own website you can have all your pages easily found in
one place. You can still keep your other pages as these help people find your music, but
placing them all on one personalized website has many advantages. This makes your web
presence more organized and adds professionalism to your name. With your own website,
you can make it easier for venues to book your musical talents and for audiences to attend
your shows by creating a page just for booking information. Fans can also come to your
website to learn more about you. If you’re looking to get booked at a venue or show your
musical chops to potential collaborators or producers, an organized website will go a long

Use Your Website To Showcase Your Skills
Big name musicians frequently use their websites to showcase their musical dexterity
through music videos, interviews, and the like. Songs are sometimes written with a
frame-by- frame sequence in mind and your personal website is a great place to showcase
your own music videos. Additionally, having a platform to find and connect with other
musicians helps you to better network, allowing you to meet the people you want. Visual
artists such as photographers, illustrators, graphic designers, and videographers will also
find Squarespace more than accommodating for organizing your work into a professional

Develop Your Aesthetic
Every musician has their own unique look. Unrestricted by the formats of other websites
like a Facebook page, the possibilities with your own personal website are boundless.
You are given full creative license to develop whatever style and look you want to
embody. The sheer creative freedom aids in forming your album covers, band posters,
and merchandise as well. You can even develop a memorable logo to help audiences
remember you by.

Everyone needs inspiration—if you’re unsure about where to start with
developing your aesthetic and your website, Squarespace provides you with several easy-
to-use and award-winning templates for even the most obscure professions and
uncommon personal tastes. Helpful guides and templates don’t have to compromise your
creativity, instead guiding you to achieving the particular feel you want visitors to have
on your website. Squarespace can help you make it make it yours.

Have Your Own Unique Domain
This one goes along with strengthening your creditability and professionalism—creating
your own unique domain name. Rather than having a webpage with a web provider’s
name and then your name right after it, the name will be entirely, uniquely yours. For
instance, instead of “,” you can just be Untethered by a provider’s name, your band name will
be easier to recall. Musicians frequently choose Squarespace for their website. Like
Netflix or Spotify, it’s bought on an affordable monthly subscription and provides a
wealth of easy to use, highly customizable templates. Unlike Facebook pages,
advertisements won’t show up on the sidebars of your website, unless you want them to.
Less advertisements means less distraction from what you want to be the focal points on
your website.

Use SEO To Get Yourself Discovered
Squarespace helps you get discovered by including a myriad of tutorials for how to deftly
use your website. Easy-to- follow video tutorials even help you with things like SEO
(Search Engine Optimization), which are buzzwords that help your site get more easily
found on Google.

All in all, getting your own website will only help you grow as a musician. Whether it’s
through organizing your work, developing your aesthetic, collaborating with other music
junkies, or generally growing your online presence, creating your own website that is
uniquely you will only make you a better musician or artist.

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