Spring Cleaning: The Detox Edition

By Virginia Ibarra
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The cleansing trend seems to have lingered around LA, and while we don’t always drink $10 juices -yup, sometimes we get the $3 Naked kind ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ – we’re still into the whole spring cleaning ordeal, at least gut-wise. So whether you’re reacquainting yourself with your new years resolution or simply getting into Coachella detox-then-retox mode, we found the five best detoxing methods in LA, and guess what? Cleanses are not just limited to juices. Soups are included too.

The Signature Cleanse at Nekter Juice: Love the juice but need something a bit more savory? Nekter not only gives you a medley of cold press juices but also includes soups and teas. The easily bored will appreciate this.


Sip ’til Supper at Paleta: Paleta does the unthinkable here and includes dinner in your cleanse. Yup, dinner. The meal is plant based, which also has us wondering, aren’t fruits and veggies the sole ingredient in pressed juices anyway-minus the fiber? Can we just have five of the meals instead?


The Cleanse at Cafe Gratitude:  While some might say vegan eats is a cleanse in itself, Cafe Gratitude has taken it a step further with their own juice cleanse. If you happen to pick up some garlic-tahini kale chips, we won’t tell.


The Soupure Cleanse: Soupure nixes juices entirely with their soup only cleanse. The cleanse has a variety of options and you can have your choice of soups served chilled or hot. They even have vegan and active options so you can adapt it to your lifestyle. We’re into it.


The Pre/Post Cleanse Day Kit at Moon Juice: At Moon Juice they believe you have to prep for your cleanse and ease your way out as well. We’d rather stay stuck in prepping mode though- the cheese and crackers are so good, we wouldn’t want to venture any further.



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