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The day we feared has come…. we’ve contracted Bieber-fever. Since the YouTube star was first discovered in 2008, he’s gone through a series of, well…. we’ll call them “stages” for this moment, where the tweenage heartthrob has undergone some Chris Brown-like transformations. From the shirtless performances to the tattoos to the reckless behavior, this kid is no longer the bowl-hair cut donning prepubescent that we would never reveal to being enthralled by.┬áBut you know what they say: when you have a problem, the first step is admitting it.

Okay so the real guise that drew us in was that the song is a Jeftuz remix. A producer out of Netherlands, Jeftuz first got our attention with releases like “S. Ama,” and “Girl,” — heavy R&B tracks laden with deep drums and snares overlain with filtered samples and luscious melodies. We love you Justin, but it’s guys like Jeftuz that’s bringing that sexy-R&B back.

True to form, Jeftuz works his producer magic with Bieber’s, “All That Matters,” but what puzzles us is that to our ears it sounds like he barely made any adjustments to the song, aside from adding a high hat element and filtering down the production as a whole. Does this mean that the Beebs is going to come full circle on his Chris Brown-evolution and start doing sultry R&B?? Check out the original below for yourself and you tell us what you think.

If this is what happens every time a teen heart throb goes through puberty, we ain’t mad at it. We might have to check into Beiber-Fever-Anonymous.

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