Say No To The Tyranny of Minimalism With Mokuyobi

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Neutral palettes and color-block schemes that rarely exit the black or navy family are classic, but they also sway slightly boring after prolonged usage. Translating to “Thursday” in Japanese, Mokuyobi, our favorite LA-based pin, patch and accessories shop is for the person who needs to take a step into the vast array of other tones this whole minimalist movement has banned from our closet’s existence. Providing meat-print duffels, metallic carry-alls and magenta patched button ups, the brand focuses on putting a smile on your face by being out of the box and maximalist, a rare venture done well in the fashion realm.

Recently adding some new designs to their utilitarian bags, function and off-beat ’80s vibes collide to create something slightly more quirky. In a way, the brand speaks perfectly to the nature of our city’s randomness by way of funny llama patches, functional neon backpacks and soda-print travel duffles.


In a time where individuality is synonymous with cool, taking a route toward something more extreme seems like a move we can get behind.

Check them out here.

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