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National food days might be our new favorite kind of holiday, especially when they involve fancy carbs and unpronounceable cheeses. Take a cruise through Silver Lake or Santa Monica, and you are bound to see a place (or food truck) dedicated to the nostalgic favorite. So in light of National Grilled Cheese Day, we have put together a list of the best places to celebrate. Go classic and channel your inner kid, or celebrate your pristine palette with something on the gourmet side. Cut down the middle or across?




Clementine of Century City has an aesthetic as adorable as the fruit they’re named after. They pronounce April as the month of artisan breads and cheeses. Even better? They hold a contest all month, choosing an Instagram each week with the best picture of their grilled cheese. The winner receives free grilled cheeses for four people. More info here.




More known for it’s fries smothered in blue cheese, or the assortment of sliders that pair perfectly with their happy hour beverages, Pete’s Cafe & Bar’s grilled cheese and tomato soup combo will bring you back from the modernized luxe pesto and cured meats selections, and have you promising to stick with the classics (at least for the day).




While the most common lobster grilled cheese is typically consumed by late night weekenders at LA Cafe downtown, near-by Artisan House brings a much different interpretation with fresh goat-butter poached lobster and brie. This is one delectable masterpiece that can’t be missed.



say cheese

Of course a shop called Say Cheese has a grilled cheese. Try their California Melt on rosemary bread, or the Charlemagne with turkey and cranberry spread. And while you’re there, peruse their selection of market cheeses to attempt your own specialty concoctions at home.



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