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LA CANVAS partnered up with Red Bull Panamerika and Marshall Audio to host a surprise invite-only show last week at Los Globos in Silverlake. After many sleepless nights of anticipation, it was announced two days before that Bosnian Rainbows would be the big surprise. Made up of Omar Rodriguez-Lopez of the Mars Volta, Teri Gender Bender of Le Butcherettes, Deantoni Parks also from the Mars Volta and Nicci Kasper of KRS-ONE, the group is an indie Frankenstein masterpiece in terms of lineup, and it’s not all about Omar this time.

Having released their first record just a few days before the secret show, the buzz around Bosnian Rainbows is undeniable, as every show they play is for a packed house of devoted fans despite only releasing their record two weeks ago. The workhorse band has generated a following the good ol’ fashioned way: shows, shows, shows.


After seeing them play, we get it. Despite the show’s early-ish start time, people were lined up down the block hours before Bosnian Rainbows were supposed to go on. When the doors opened, the fans took their place at the front of the stage leaving them only inches from the instruments. Once a couple hundred people filled the intimate (read: sweaty) setting, the show began. The set started exactly as the album does, and was played from start to finish. The entire room was slick with perspiration and yet not one person could keep their eyes off of Teri.

Teri Gender Bender made everyone crush that night, as she took to the stage barefoot and ready to put on a hell of a show. Her stage performances have made headlines since her days in Le Butcherettes. Enigmatic, Teri is an all-star frontwoman. Her body convulsed with the music and she used everything within sight as a prop. Pacing the stage looking almost tribal, she clearly had not been skipping Zumba class. Omar, Deantoni and Nicci stayed anchored to their posts and all eyes were on Teri.

Bosnian Rainbows ended their set with “Mother, Father, Set Us Free” just as the self-titled album does. There was no encore because there was nothing left to play; they don’t do covers and don’t play music from their other bands so that was it. The show was over.


The good news is we can relive it as many times as we want thanks to the Internet! Below is a teaser trailer for an interview we did with the group. Stay tuned to our social media for the full interview!

The album was released on Sargent House/Rodriguez-Lopez Productions. Check it out on Bandcamp now.

Photo Credits: Erik Voake, Red Bull Content Pool



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