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Tim Biskup‘s latest solo exhibit at the Martha Otero Gallery titled “Charge” is a collection of multi-layered explosive colorful paintings ranging in different sizes, from the very small to the very large and wide. One of the larger pieces has already been exhibited at FYF Fest, where people were encouraged to stick their faces in the cut-out holes and take photos. This interactive playfulness comes across in all of Tim’s paintings.


The L.A. born and raised artist has an extensive background working at various animation studios including the Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, and Disney. His paintings, however, cross over being simply described as cartoons. They are highly detailed experimental works of art that allow the viewer’s eyes to spend time roaming through all of the jovial characters and multiple patterned backgrounds.

Tim is a long time fan of punk rock. It’s an aggressive style of music that sometimes comes across as snotty and juvenile. This can also be used to described his paintings, which is why it’s not surprising that the exhibit would be titled “Charge”. It comes at you with a teenager’s attitude; full of energy, curiosity, and youth.




The exhibit runs from now until November 2nd.

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