, umbrellas, unicycle movement gadgets and choreography aren't the only stunning elements that captivate us: the entire thing was filmed in one shot. We wouldn't expect anything less from these creatively inclined, music making gentlemen. May the sparks of genius gently stroke your brainwaves while watching this spectacle." rel="nofollow" title="Visual Aid: OK GO, "I Won't Let You Down"' />

Recap: The LA CANVAS Culture Club launch event

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Now that we’ve cleaned up, slept for a day and gotten some personal grooming in check, we’d like to thank EVERYONE—that means our new members, vendors and partners—who attended our members only Culture Club launch event last Saturday, October 18 at The Container Yard in DTLA and made one of our little dreams come true. We seriously couldn’t have done it without you, mmmk? Big ups to our music men Garth Trinidad + DJ Sean Patrick for spinning everyone right round all night. Don’t forget to cop the official TommyB photo booth snapshots + event photography by Mark Wales—and tag yo’selves.

And finally, as most big productions unfold, the efforts of all team players involved are the integral moving parts to making magic and to say the least, this was definitely an all hands on deck collaborative. Here’s what some of our partners had in store for new members, with notes on how it all unfolded.



G-Star Raw handed out popcorn, cotton candy, beer, balloon animals + discount cards to the G-Star store on Melrose. It was seriously a freak show—the good kind.


Society Salons had a top of the line set up and sat front and center, complimenting party looks with blow outs and barber cuts.

Commodity Goods had a sort-of real life animal, Beu De Bear + raffled some of their delicious scents. Our editors love Paper + Whiskey, if you’re wondering.

Neff gifted 100 beanies with hat presses on site,  keychains, stickers + lanyards.

 OPNK branded out an exclusive lookbook projection and swagged guests out with tees, hats, and button downs. Their unique set up was a conversation piece, mostly like their cuts.

 Androgyny Designs has some serious craftsmanship skills. They offered a necklace raffle and chose a winner, with a full on display of their collection.

Priv, the ultimate wellness + beauty app offered up 3 nail stations + 3 massage chairs. Some guests were, like, super relaxed. And manicured properly.

Lee brought some schooling and popped up with a distress station to show guests just how to get that “worn out” denim look and gifted denim tote bags and bracelets.

MAC Cosmetics = A make up station that doesn’t really need explaining. Ok, maybe an #OMG hashtag.

Reebok‘s 250 hat giveaway was pretty bomb.

Stance Socks gifted guests so many colorfully designed socks everyone flocked to (We set up a corn hole game for incentive!).

Churn2 provided ice cream samples, some flavors may as well be dubbed heaven.

Buff Wings served up mouth watering chicken wing samples, 3 kinds that made our taste buds tingle.

 Escala‘s ceviche samples we’re on point, per yuse!

EXOFAB, we just want you to know that our glow in the dark phone cases are RAD. They also set up shop and helped every attendee swag out their phone.

SAE Institute brought a beat-making station, equipped with mugs, lanyards + pens.

LA Coffee Club provided cold brew samples. NOTE: We may have added some vodka to ours.

Cocktail Academy had some super friendly bartenders who created custom cocktails with Stillhouse Whiskey + Black Mask Rum. ‘Nuff said, people flocked.

Spin Standard LA‘s ping pong activation with spin card giveaways was simply a competitors match gone party mode. 



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