Press Play on Duo Du Jour: Kaneholler

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An important word you should throw on your radar right now: Kaneholler. A siren with pipes for days, Chelsea Tyler, and a master sound engineer, Jon Foster, along with the couple’s sexy chemistry and good looks bring the best in musical sensory overload. Last weekend in a boutique showing at VNYL (a topic on its own), the duo raised the roof with an intimate yet larger-than-life show. What felt like a covert operation, visceral and pulsating, the electro-soul duo posted up with a mic, a magical switchboard and—deep inhale—body language that runs deep.

The pair surfaced in Brooklyn circa 2011 and migrated to Venice Beach where they’re turning up the heat with their 3-part EP release. They’ve written, recorded and produced all of their music from their home studio in Venice Beach, with their first single “Paper Games” capturing the band’s wild sound range, energy, and how perfectly they synchronize with one another.

As a whole, the collection escalates in intensity, each one representing a phase of the band’s evolution from lo-fi trip-hop to big production, to dance-driven electronica.

This year, Kaneholler made their SXSW debut and wrapped up a successful spring tour throughout the US. Compared to the likes of The XX + Chrystal Castles but with  soul undertones, we are a thousand percent certain these guys are riding a big wave in LA the fan base is growing. Our favorite tracks so far “Paper Games” and “Choked” – but we’ll let you pick yours! Stream their EP below and be sure to follow up on their next live show, a must have for any music savant.
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