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Yeah, so POSSO just happened. Marylouise Pels and Vanessa Giovacchini are the stylish music gals who bride music, art and design into our universe — and do a killer job at it. Besides spinning us right round at some of the biggest international venues around the globe, these inspiring #ladybosses also host their very own contribution to Style.com, where we gather music tips, fashionable musings, beauty beats and a more in-depth taste of their unique blogger vocals.

We asked POSSO to dish their favorite poolside tunes and create a LA CANVAS poolside playlist since we’re mentally charging for Splash House 2014. They did. They even talk about each track. Ladies, thanks for the TURN UP:

We’re suckers over here for a good vocal chop up…especially when the one and only Diva herself is that vocal. Just enough chop and just enough soaring melody this track is undeniable especially as we listen upon the dawn of her highly anticipated 14th album.. The drop is in that Tchami/Sub Focus-esque middle ground between turning way up but still feeling cool about it.

We over here at POSSO have a sax problem. I’m serious. We actually have a playlist called “I love sax” with all the best sax hits we can get our ears on. This track is unpredictable but holds you real tight. Listen to this when when the sun is coming up in Ibiza or with your morning parfait–somehow both scenarios work.

A really refreshing track all around. The drop is a full on return to “the groove” that dance music has been needing desperately. We will probably be playing this in every set this summer.

This song hits hard and then bounces back at you. Paired with a R&B meets early House vocals. You can see the dancing with your eyes closed — hands up, dance circles forming already!

This track is like you’re traveling down a breakbeat wormhole in musical space and you cross paths with Daft Punk’s Technologic and then reach out and shake hands with some new school acid house sounds. In the words of Robert Palmer this track is “simply irresistible.” Work on those abs, guys, we’ll see you at the pool.

Get all up on POSSO’s Instagram @possouniverse

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