All Possible Futures: Q+A with Miami Horrow

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June is here! As we creep closer to warmer days, it isn’t easy getting thoughts of BBQ, beach, and bad-but-fun decisions out of your head. Amiright? With layerfect timing, Melbourne’s Miami Horror is back with a new collection of songs to soundtrack your adventures and antics. All Possible Futures is an eclectic mix of indietronica, post-disco, house, and synth-pop goodness that’s sure to secure the band as princes of the poolside this summer. Recently premiering a video for their new single “Love Like Mine,” and hitting the road to support their sophomore LP, it seems that Futures is only sunny-side for Miami Horror. Catch our chat with the band’s brainchild Benjamin Plant:

LA CANVAS: You formed Miami Horror as a DJ/production project nearly 10 years ago. Looking back, did you imagine being where you are now?

BEN PLANT: It was roughly 8 years ago when I realized that I had the opportunity to make music full time. I had been playing around with production and programming since I was 15, so it is a dream come true. At each point along the way, we’ve achieved all that I had imagined. It’s just about furthering that from this point.

LAC: From a solo start, Miami Horror has grown into a full-on band throughout the making of this new record. What brought about this evolution and what impact has each member made during the making of this album?

BP: Miami horror is an interesting project for several reasons. Because we have guest vocalists on certain tracks and we are quite production focused, it’s really hard to pigeon hole the band as a traditional band. Some of us are more focused on the live show and I’m more focused on production and direction. We all worked together on this album a lot more than the first and I think that was inspired by the idea of making music that sounds more suited to a live setting.

LAC: All Possible Futures debuts nearly 5 years after your previous full-length. What was the most challenging part during the process of this album, and what has been the most rewarding part?

BP: The challenging part of a sophomore album is just having an album that covers every base you want to cover. Something that sounds like a strong evolution of the first album – better song writing, more mature, classic but current, as well as covering every sound and direction we wanted to try. It’s just a lot of think about! The reward is finishing it and having people understand what you were going for.

LAC: Living in the USA – particularly in Los Angeles – for a few years now, has it started to feel like home yet? And share with us some of your favorite local hangouts.

BP: It’s confusing really, LA is home for the moment but I’m not sure I’d want to bring up a family here. My favorite hangouts are Magic Castle, Cinespia at Hollywood Forever Cemetery and probably Griffith Park.

LAC: How do the music scenes in LA and Melbourne compare?

BP: They’re pretty different because LA is more extensive and has so many scenes. We have a great small band scene in Melbourne and cool underground electronica/disco/techno scene. LA has some good warehouse type parties, which is one similarity shared with Melbourne.

LAC: How has the experience been on the road with the band and touring with the new material? What can fans expect this go-around?

BP: It’s been amazing. We’re doing a driving tour, which has been really stress free and probably our best US tour yet. Having new material and two albums to play makes you feel like a real band. It really cements your place. We’ve also recently added a visual live show, starting in San Fran, which is looking great.

LAC: Is your mindset and preparation different for your live shows vs. DJ sets, and do you have a preference?

BP: They’re both very different. Live shows are with the band and we’re playing our own songs trying to give people an experience that they can’t have elsewhere. DJ sets, we’re playing music created primary for the dance floor and we have more room to curate the experience based on where we are playing.


LAC: This new album collides with summer and plays as the perfect soundtrack for the season. From childhood to now, what has been your best summer memory/experience?

BP: We all had a really good time playing New Year’s Eve in Zappalar, Chile in 2012. We also had an amazing time playing Falls Festival in Melbourne with all of our friends. Summer is a time to spend time with family and friends so all of those memories from childhood are important too.

LAC: In respect to all possible futures, where do you see the band in 5 years from now?

BP: It’s a really hard call to make, you never know what direction these things will go. We’re planning to do the next album much faster. Hopefully, more of the world will be enjoying our music.


Miami Horror performs in LA at The Roxy on Friday June 5th and The Wayfarer in Costa Mesa on June 12th. Tickets and more tour deets here.

Photos: Dylan Reyes

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