Pop Music’s Secret Weapon Songwriter: Julia Michaels

By Isabelle Cruz
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Peter Yang for Rolling Stone

There is a lot more to the music industry than getting on stage with a microphone and guitar or booking sold out venues. Behind the music is a songwriter, a whole team, taking part in the magic you get to hear from these artists. Julia Michaels has been able to take on both roles as a songwriter and later on, a singer. Writing over 100 songs, some may not know she is the songwriter behind some of your favorite hits.

The 25-year-old’s writing really started off when she wrote the theme song to Disney show Austin and Ally and other songs at the age of 14. At 16, Michaels took part in writing songs with Hollywood Pop Circuits and tv shows such as The Hills and The Voice. Three years later, she co-wrote with the songs “Fire Starter” for Demi Lovato and “Miss Movin On” by Fifth Harmony.

Michaels has never considered herself a singer since she enjoyed writing songs for other people, however, she started singing at the age of 12.

During her collaboration with Zedd, Michaels admitted that she thought to be involved in the production of music she had to be an artist, however she came to discover song writing. Over the years there have been times Michaels’ vocals have been used in songs, but went uncredited because she wanted her privacy.

It wasn’t until 2017 when she wrote a song she refused to give to other artists, she broke out of her songwriting shell and shared a piece of herself as a singer with her first solo single Issues. This was followed by the release of her 2017 EP Nervous System which she described the songs as sensory parts of the nervous system. Michaels writes from the heart.

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Michael’s recent contribution is her collaboration is with singer Lauv with the single “There’s No Way” which was released September 27, 2018.

“I hope people can find a little bit of themselves in the music,” stated Michaels on her about statement.

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