Perfectly Handsy: Please Touch the Art Show

By Virginia Ibarra
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There is something about the forbidden act of touching art that makes us go haywire. Maybe it’s the novelty of touching something invaluable or our inner asshole that really wants to cause havoc in a place so soothing, it makes our brains send out mischievous intensions while our hands become a tool of destruction.  Instead of facing the ill-fate of eventually getting kicked out (double triple dares don’t matter to security) head out to the tactile art show, Please Touch The Art, an exhibit that not only understands our “hands off” frustrations but is literally all about getting handsy with the pieces.

James peterson

The show will feature amazing creations from artists like incredibly colorful sculptures by Dan Lam, poetic braille sculptures by Kenn Kotarri, and even a 3-D Mona Lisa piece that allows you to “see” with your hands. Yup, you can touch Mona Lisa.


The show was curated by Cantor Fine Art after creating a documentary about the first tactile portrait for blind artist, George Wurtzel. The documentary follows the journey of Wurtzel, who was not only able to recognize himself through touching the piece of art, but also allowed the audience to really understand the impact tactile art can have on our culture.

The opening night for the exhibit is on Friday, June 24th from 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM at:

Cantor Fine Art

8687 Melrose Avenue Suite: B 274, 90069

Reserve your free tickets here


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