New Beverly kickin’ it old school

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When we first saw that the New Beverly was closing for all of September 2014, we were a little worried. But, after a month of darkness and a management overthrow, the new New Beverly Cinema has reopened this past week with a double-screening of Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice and Blume in Love.

These two movies, along with every film to be shown at the theater, will be projected in 35 mm film, in accordance with owner Quentin Tarantino’s determination to keep ‘The New Bev’ an old-school theater. He has made it clear that even as technology moves forward, his theater will screen movies on film—and only film. A large portions of these movies will come straight from Tarantino’s personal collection.

This new direction won’t change what you know and love about the revival house—it will continue the legacy of double-features, bad movie nights, and midnight showings of your favorite movies; just a few more will feature Tarantino’s name in the credits.

After the opening two nights of Paul Mazursky’s movies, a double-feature of Pulp Fiction and The Professional will take over the screening room for six straight days proving there’s no such thing as too much Vincent Vega. Tickets are always $8, and the full October schedule is available here.

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