Music Exclusive: Cut Snake’s “Summer Club” Playlist for CONTROL @ Avalon

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Paul “Fish” Fisher and Leigh “Sedz” Sedley of Cut Snake are in town and will be throwin’ down  crazy good tracks this Friday, July 24th for CONTROL at Avalon, alongside Kill Frenzy, Worthy and others. Remember their track “Jungle Shrimp” that you heard at every party back in March? Well, the duo’s “Maybe Why Not” single with Wongo is just as tight, and you can cop it now: here you go. (You’ll get to hear their “Face Down” track below and get instantly hooked, too).

With their fun spirit and zero-fucks-given perspective on having a good time and delivering some sick beats, the gents were kind enough to contribute a “Summer Club” playlist to ramp us—and now you—up for another evening of music in LA to welcome the weekend. Check out what they had to say about the selections and get your tickets for Friday right here.


Renee Running – Dude Energy
Love this track with its 80s vibe, middle eastern infused melody, and relentless scratchy hats that drive throughout. Such a great tune.

Africa – Digitaline
Been playing this one for a few years now, it never gets old. It’s 11 and a half minutes of African vocal-goodness, makes ya’ want to get buck wild with some Zebras in the Serengeti.

Rituals – Maribou state
This dreamy track is the most played tune on my iTunes this month.

Lost Girl- The Mekanism
Mate, this just gets me grooving all day!!! The bass line is made for an arvo rooftop session- cocktails flying and bitches grooving hahaha!!! The vocals are mental too…

Short Tail – Kiwi
This one sends me to the desert under the moon, going mad. Just love how wacky the synths are in this bad boy!

Kill Frenzy – Fouk
Grab a six-pack n’ chuck this groove on, its the perfect way to kick ya’ weekend off.

Face Down – Cut Snake
We have been playing this beauty in our sets lately and it still fires me up. Maybe ’cause its ours hahah.

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