Maradentro Brings Their Seaside-Style Mexican Food West

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Most of LA’s best Mexican food comes by way of truck or street stand. Think Echo Park’s Quesadilla queen with her blue corn. On the other end of the economical and authenticity spectrum, we also have a burgeoning scene of fusion-style eateries that are popping up, experimenting with the south of the border genre and doing something unique with the classic staple items.


Formerly only found in Studio City, Maradentro has opened up a new space in Brentwood that brings their seafood-oriented Mexican food to the west side.

To begin, their cocktails pair well with the fresh and clean tastes on the menu. A spicy cucumber margarita with jalapeno gives a nice punch while their SMP with a dried candied mango atop allows for something sweet to pair well with the salt and acid found in their main dishes.


A highlight reel goes as follows. While our city has no shortage of avocado dishes, their guacamole, with pepitas and fresh diced veggies, is notable.

For the non-meat eater, the cheese tamales with rajas poblanas and queso oaxaca feel very simple, yet well executed. The carnitas, paired with roasted veggies and fresh tortillas is a perfect pull-apart-melt-in-your-mouth experience.



Though you might be full post-meal, do not miss their flan. You don’t like flan, you say? This is a creme brulee take on the classic dessert that transforms it to a custard-like delicacy as opposed to the jello vibes that might have steered you away before.


What Maradentro brings to the area is not specifically a genre it’s unversed in, but it definitely places itself as a go-to spot excelling the idea of coastal Mexican classics.


Happy hour starts this week at the Brentwood location from 4 PM to 6 PM. Cheers!

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