LAC: What was your inspiration for “Urban Isolation”? RH: It was pretty simple. I love ghost towns and abandoned cities, but you never see them on a large scale.  Skateboarders are also hassled in large cities, and it would be a lot of skaters’ dream to have an entire city to themselves. LAC: If possible to describe in layman's terms, how did you create the video? RH: An easy way to describe the process for removing the cars is layering offset frames and cutting out the cars in each frame. The empty areas of the road eventually fill in the gaps. You then have to cut out the skater frame by frame to place over the empty scenes. All of this compositing was done in Adobe After Effects.The filming and editing process took about a month, I spent about two weeks shooting and another two weeks editing. Finding the locations to shoot was often the hardest part. LAC: Favorite shot? RH: The first scene where you see a skateboarder appear. My friend Tom Karangelov pushes down an off ramp over the 110 freeway in Downtown Los Angeles. I wish I had more time to shoot more shots like that LAC: Most dangerous moment of the process? RH: Probably my friend Jordan Taylor skating a bank on the side of the 5 freeway. We went at 5:30 AM in anticipation of an empty freeway. When we arrived there were still a lot of cars and it was pretty scary. We generally played everything pretty safe though, finding a spot to safely skate that had a freeway or busy road in the background, where the cars could be removed to achieve the effect. LAC: What’s next for you? RH: I’m currently working on a lot of different projects, some with skating and some outside of that. I am heading video production for New Balance and Volcom's skate programs, and working on larger projects for both of them. I am also working on a bunch of commercial and aerial cinema projects when I have the time." rel="nofollow" title="LORDS OF A GHOST TOWN: RUSSELL HOUGHTEN TURNS L.A. INTO A CAR FREE SKATE PARK' />


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Zoom in, do a double-take, gaze, or however else you refer to as ‘getting fixated’ on luxurious items. LURA Eyewear touts a minimalist approach to eye-bling in its debut Summer 2014 collection with hand-crafted, 24k gold metalwork for those beautiful windows to the soul. The launch collection consists of four frame styles, all handmade in Italy and fitted with Carl Zeiss lenses, styled with 24-karat gold-plated, .925 sterling silver accents that beautify each pair. Their modern yet timeless and simple enough to dress up or dress down. Get some. Photography by: Nic Alegre
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