Lunchtime, Solved: Meal Delivery by a Michelin Star Chef

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Starving at work, but bummed out about sharing economy ethics? Bored of every restaurant within walking distance of your office? When it comes to lunchtime, you’ve got options—but not all of them are created equal.

We recently experimented with Crateful— a meal service curated by Michelin Star chef Christina Bowerman and Licensed Nutritionist Alyse Levine. Inspired by Italian culinary tradition and new world innovation, the duo joined forces to create a healthy, gourmet meal delivery service to solve our collective lunch woes.

The premise is pretty simple: sign up, choose from one of their four menus—Chef, Vegetarian, Pescatarian, and Fitness— and place your order.

You can choose between 5-Day or 7-Day weeks with breakfast, lunch and/or dinner options. The dishes are prepared daily and delivered 6 days per week—in the evening, so you wake up to fresh, delicious food.

Crateful’s ingredients are both organic and locally sourced and can still last 2-3 days after delivery. Pro Tip: try the Grilled vegetable terrine with wild rice and strawberries.


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