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Night Riots Promo

Former local indie-rock band PK has shaken off the old, and stepped into the new, which they call Night Riots. You probably recall PK having a bit of a pop-punk sound, but they’ve¬†enhanced it with some synthesizers and a dark-side twist. Why the new direction? We spoke with the men of NR to ask that very question.

1. Why the change from PK to Night Riots?
As the band was growing we began to run into possible legal issues. There were a few other artists on iTunes and Spotify with some form of PK, so we decided to find a name that was all our own. After much searching we came upon Night Riots, and it fit perfectly.
2. What is different sound-wise for Night Riots?
For NR we haven’t made any major intentional sound changes, but we have explored new possible ways to make music and thus have stumbled across new sounds and instruments to write songs with. For example in our newest song “Spiders” there are huge walls of vocals and a drum machine going through most of the song. Even though this isn’t like anything we had done as PK, we don’t feel its a departure from our old sound but instead a new chapter in our musical journey. We have many new songs to release…some that are a fresh brand new sound for us and some that are reminiscent of our older stuff. We are still the same five guys making music, so anything that comes out will have the same attitudes in it.

3. How are fans and listeners reacting to the change?
We have actually been getting very positive responses to the name change. Most fans have been supportive and want to continue to move forward with us on our musical adventure. Our hopes were that this name would be something more for the fans/listeners to attach to instead of making up their own meanings to “PK,” and so far it has proven true. Now, of course we have gotten the naysayers who haven’t accepted the new name but they are sure to come around in time!
4. Who are your biggest musical influences?
We actually have a wide range of musical influences in the band. We are five very strong personalities, and everyone has different taste in music, yet we all somehow meet in the middle. We love Billy Idol, The Eagles, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Gypsy Kings, Roy Orbison, Queen, INXS, and many more.
5. Who are you listening to right now?
I just recently got into Kick by INXS. I never knew how many singles they had from that album until someone turned me on to them. “Never Tear Us Apart” is an amazing song.
6. What’s next for Night Riots?
Next we will be hitting a few California dates starting March 27th…San Francisco, Fresno, Los Angeles and San Luis Obispo. Currently we are in the process of writing and recording more new music to release in early spring, so look out for that as well.
Catch the band live at the Central in Santa Monica on March 29th.
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