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Two sets of Swedish brothers make up the indie-pop band Nervous Nellie. Their newest EP Gloves has a fun and lively sound, with the requisite 80’s vibe that is permeating their genre at the moment. We got a chance to catch up with the band and ask them a bit about their influences and what makes up their sound.

1.     Who are some artists that inspire your sound?

This is a hard one since there are so many. The fearlessness & diversity of artists like Neil Young, David Bowie and Talking Heads have always been inspiring. Also we all love Dinosaur Jr. I have to mention them.

2.     What inspired the newest album?

The last album we did was full of ballads and the one thing we decided early on was to make a more upbeat record this time. When we started recording we were aiming for a weird mix of Motley Crue and Phoenix. Where we finally wound up, I’m not quite sure. Somewhere along the way we found our own sound.

3.     Who are you listening to right now?

Recently I’ve been listening allot to Ariel Pinks’ album Mature Themes and thanks to the Kindness cover of “Swingin Party” I’ve rediscovered The Replacements.

4.     What has been your favorite city to perform in?

Vienna in Austria is always a favorite. We usually end up staying at this really old, weird hotel that reminds me of that creepy movie “The Night Porter.”

5.     What do you love to do besides music?

I love working on my cottage in the country, building decks and painting. When I’m done I’ll just sit there drinking a beer, looking at the fruit of my labors.

Make sure to check out their featured single “Gloves” below.

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