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I’ve been plugged into the sounds coming from this 21-year-old Australian kid’s head ever since I found¬†this gem¬†about a year ago. Admittedly, I assumed he was British and I pictured him to be much older. Or maybe just bald.

So, imagine my surprise when I discovered that the mysterious artist known as Flume looks more like James Franco’s introverted little brother (not Dave) than Moby’s weird cousin Jonathan (a figment of my imagination, as far as I know).

Apparently, Mr. Flume mastered the art of slick, bass-heavy electro at an absurdly young age, allowing the DJ/producer to spend his exodus from teenager-dom out of the dorm room and onto the tour bus with the likes of Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs and the XX. As it tends to be with the adorable young prodigy type, the oracular forces within the music industry fully expect Flume to be the break-out star of 2013. And I’m not mad about that.

Flume’s latest single “Left Alone” features fellow-Aussie blog-star Chet Faker, an artist epitomizing the insatiable appetite of electronic music, which continues to swallow more and more instruments, aesthetics and vocal styles into it’s swollen gut. In Chet’s case, it’s those bluesy, soulful pipes previously reserved for the mid-2000’s wave of white male singer-songwriters, now available on a meaty plate of heavy progressive beats. So it goes.

For now, download Flume’s Fader Mix and peep the video below. For later, stay tuned for the release of his debut full-length album “Future Classic” (which has already gone GOLD in Australia!) on February 19th via Mom & Pop. The oracular forces within me fully expect it to be better than that suit & tie shit.

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