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I thought my appetite for 60s-girl-group-referencing indie-pop had been over-satiated by the presence of bands like Cults and Beach House.

But it seems London-duo Elephant have managed to carve out their own little corner of space in that otherwise bloated gut.

According to our sources, Amelia and Christian met at a party, got together to make music, but then had some sort of disagreement (which may or may not have led to Christian breaking his hand). They thought they’d never play together again.

Luckily, the two reconciled to record and release a new seven inch on Memphis Industries, resulting in the chilled-out, doo-woppy a-side “Skyscraper.”

“Skyscraper” mixes gritty layers of old analog samples with a deep, groovy bass for a vague hip-hop feel, making the track sound new and alluring despite an otherwise tired formula.

(Production is so important, y’all.)


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