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Turns out “Buke” and “Gase” are not unfortunate names for the humans pictured above. They’re names for the instruments they invented.

NYC-based musicians Aron Sanchez and Arone Dyer decided to draw themselves a new box, throwing out the boring old beasts that have ruled rock and pop music for so long and playing with these home-made mutants instead: the Buke, a six-string electrified baritone ukelele, and the Gase, a guitar-bass hybrid.

Performed with bone-shaking thumps that unravel into spastic, cascading plucks; a brave enthusiasm for messing with fifths and fifteenths; and a heaping spoonful of infectious pop melody, the sound gives the sort of unsettling, yet familiar feeling you get from meeting someone’s evil twin.

But in this case the evil twin is maniacally charming (and a great singer!) so you can’t help but fall in love.

Or at least, I couldn’t. But you’re free to flirt and make up your own mind. Buke & Gase‘s new album General Dome is out today via Brassland and streaming on NPR.

You can start with the dizzying new video for “Hiccup” below, and if you like, catch the duo live at the Echo on Tuesday, February 19th.


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