Lisa Solberg Brings Paradise to the Art District

By Cheyanne Morgan
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Allow your self-consciousness to rust and your morals melt away. Lisa Solberg’s ‘Mister Lee’s Shangri-La’ at MAMA Gallery, is a new sort of Utopia for the modern human. Solberg makes her art installation interactive by adding a wooden swing in the middle of the gallery and a silver stripper pole which beautifully reflects the pink neon lights on the walls. When standing still, the art pieces on canvas show simplicity but when using the interactive elements, a whole new perspective comes into play.

Solberg’s art installation is filled with exotic potted plants which is a witty way to highlight the subject of the art exhibit: exotic dancers. Check out her vision of paradise in the pics below:

image00 image01 image02 image03 image04 image05

Learn more about the exhibit here.

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