Let’s Talk: Jenny Lewis, Zach Galifianakis + More

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Talk radio is perfect for long drives, baths and any time when you need to just close your eyes and listen to something entertaining. Jian Ghomeshi has been in the radio and television industry for a while now—he’s the popular host of Q on Canadian Broadcast Corporation (CBC) Radio One which is widely known in Canada. He interviews popular entertainment and cultural figures and has become the most highly rated show in CBC history. He also has a very soothing voice that we appreciate.

For the first time ever, Q will be making a very special appearance in Los Angeles for a live show and it looks like it will be one for the books, people. Here’s our breakdown of the appearances for the special Q Live in LA event on October 16! And because we love you long time, LA CANVAS has got the hook up for you: get special discounted tickets from us for this event here.

Zach Galifianakis


Hilarious comedian and star of the Hangover trilogy, Zach Galifianakis will be answering questions and hopefully making stomachs hurt from laughter.

Jenny Lewis


Promoting her solo career since Rilo Kiley, Jenny will perform songs from her new album The Voyager on the show.

Bob Odenkirk


One of the stars of Breaking Bad, Fargo, and the upcoming series Better Call Saul.

Sandra Oh


From Grey’s Anatomy fame, Sandra Oh has been a recipient of both a Golden Globe and Screen Actors Guild award for her role as Dr. Christina Yang on the show.

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