Lauren Jauregui: Popstar & Political Powerhouse

By Isabelle Cruz
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Photographer: Natanya Hansen

Singer Lauren Jauregui doesn’t hold back her passion for music, self expression and politics.

Since the recent release of her single “Expectations” and inclusion on the celebrity category of Forbes’ “2019 30 Under 30″, Jauregui has been reminding fans to use their voice, most especially, in the recent nationwide election. Jauregui’s influence on her platform doesn’t stop there.

In previous years, as member of pop girl group Fifth Harmony, Jauregui is well known for her outspoken nature, voicing her opinions on social media platforms Twitter and Instagram. She has stood up for social issues including: LGBTQ rights, immigration rights, human rights and more.

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Pick a fucking side and make sure it’s one that affects YOUR FUTURE. I’m sick and tired of this DUMB SHIT!!!!! IF YOU CAN, go out and VOTE on November 6th. SWIPE FOR THE REAL FUCKIN TEA *** made an amendment to this on my story, A quick amendment to my statement of there being three categories of people. There is a whole other group across the country who have had their right to vote infringed upon. This country has an incredibly harsh, violent history of voter suppression. There is gerrymandering (which I explain in the MTV clip) and there are multiple laws in place that prevent people from voting due to their immigration status or involvement in the criminal justice system. If you have the privilege of voting and the ability to get to a ballot, I encourage you to use it to stand up for those who have been silenced by the outstanding suppression. They need your voice the most. The election on November 6th will tackle life changing decisions on healthcare, affordable housing, education and the basic capacity to live in this country. I again urge you to channel angry energy to these polls and make sure if you are lucky enough to be heard, that you are Loud and clear

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Her most notable forms of activism are tweets slamming President Donald Trump, socially conscious tweets and Instagram posts.

In 2016, Jauregui wrote a letter following the announcement of Trump’s victory in the presidential race. This letter went on Billboard’s website highlighting disappointment in Trump voters. She attempts to inspire unity by connecting her story to others through her intersecting identities as a “bisexual Cuban-American woman”. Jauregui shares her opinions in the letter, one being a question to Trump voters:

“You wanna restore America to a world where the human beings around you feel scared to be themselves and live and love freely?” said Jauregui.

Fans and celebrities such as singer JoJo and friend Shaun Ross gave support  to her stance. The letter pulled an attraction of 79,239 retweets, 102,065 likes and approximately 5,800 replies on Billboard’s Twitter account alone. This does not account the mentions that grew as a result of sharing on other platforms and accounts.

Jauregui also exercises other forms of activism through participation in protests and making donations to causes. In the 2017 Women’s March in Washington D.C., Jauregui came in support for the movement. She’s also posted about support to donate to causes and organizations such as the ACLU.

The singer was caught in several controversial issues where others have critiqued her actions and political opinions. Back in 2016, Jauregui allegedly took time off the Twitter platform because of criticism she received from fans for her support to Jill Stein, a Green Party nominee.

In 2017, Jauregui received backlash after calling Super Bowl fans distracted with the traditional American sport. She critiqued fans as complacent, but others called her out for her seemingly harsh judgement.

Musicians have made their mark by expressing their political views through their music or their platform. For Jauregui, she uses her platform for her activism and to provide a voice for those who aren’t necessarily heard over the louder voices.

“I am proud to be part of a community that only projects love and education and the support of one another.” said Jauregui in her Billboard letter.

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