LA pop artist Betty Moon saves souls with her new album ‘Hellucination’

By Bob Bradley
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Going beyond the haunting yet intriguing artwork of Betty Moon’s new release ‘Hellucination’, you can’t help but get pulled into what this album and art meaning is all about. While being familiar with many of her past releases, we’ve come to know that you can’t predict what she will do next, and we like it that way. Originally from Toronto (any Leafs fans out there?) and now living in West LA, Moon has been busy in her Malibu studio putting the final touches on the album and recently unveiled her pulsing and infectious new single “Save My Soul”. We had the chance to speak with Moon and get a preview of ‘Hellucination’ and learn more about the single.

“Save My Soul” was inspired by Betty’s turbulent roller coaster lifestyle, where she struggled for years with the daunting task of helping friends, helping her family, helping her mates only to realise that the person who should have been put first in her life was actually coming last.  She hit a turning point in her career where she was experiencing financial success but was in a state of quiet desperation based upon her need to feel a true sense of life meaning so she began searching. This was a time for her to be saved by something, or someone larger than life and she was determined to find out what or who that was.

With 8 prior studio albums under her belt, Moon knows a thing or two about putting out music and has been doing so for almost a decade under her label/production brand Evolver Music, Inc. In an age where you can simply bypass the label, Moon has made the right decision and holds on tight to her unique brand of rock, pop, electronic and blends it with a sense of high fashion that pulls you into her world. Her prior album ‘CHROME’ spawned more singles than we can remember but I constantly have tracks like “Sound” and “Life Is But A Dream” on repeat to this day. It was just about time for something new, and Moon somehow knew it was the perfect time.

Betty Moon has been a part of the big music machine since she was a teenager, and unlike her contemporaries and most emerging artists, she has figured out how to evolve over time, maintain a growing fanbase and simply put out badass music that never fails to impress. It probably helps that Moon knows how to play multiple instruments, engineer records, direct music videos and understands a music business that typically blindsides most musicians. Moon has also made some great alliances in the industry, working with top industry producers, executives and sharing the stage over the years with artists like Marilyn Manson, Steve Aoki The Offspring and Pink Floyd. Her music has also been featured in Californication, Dexter, Bounty Hunters and multiple movies and reality TV shows.

‘Hellucination’, which drops on 4/20, really caught our ears on the first spin and brings back some classic Betty Moon energy and blends in some modern production that I thoroughly enjoyed. There’s something that is just done right with injecting a great dose of 90’s rock and electronic elements along with some of the on trend synthwave and EDM tinged parts of these songs. Other standout tracks include “Hands Full of Nothing”, “Runaway” and a great remix of “Save My Soul” that kicks off the album. Even though the album comes out in a few weeks, you can check out “Save My Soul” below and check out Betty Moon on Facebook or Instagram to keep up with her latest.

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