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Before there was LACANVAS and social media, I was a passionate cupcake/food blogger. Back then, if I wanted to store a recipe somewhere safe where I wouldn’t lose it, I would save it on my blog or a community food network. Over time my cupcake blog grew with recipes and visitors as it did with many other food bloggers. I didn’t continue with my cupcake blog passion because faith lead me to another path in life, but the food bloggers that did follow their cooking passion have turned it into a successful business.

Today food bloggers like Joy the Baker, who is self-taught, delivers innovative, modern dishes every week ranging from apple pie with a cheddar-bacon crust, and kale quinoa cakes, to her personal favorite, her dad’s sweet potato pie. It was recently reported that her blog delivers around 600,000 unique visitors to her blog. Thanks to her food blog, she even published a cookbook in 2012. The income from her blog alone provided the foundation for new creative opportunities.

Of course the success that many top bloggers have achieved doesn’t happen overnight. There’s more to food blogging than just sharing a recipe. Yes, you can learn on your own just like Joy The Baker, but what if you could learn everything you need to know about becoming a food blogger in one day? If you are an existing food blogger, you could step up your skills by learning from those who have done or doing it now.

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