“Kids of LA” is the Photo Series Capturing the Complex Identity of Our City’s Youth.

By Maya Haddad
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Photos by Joel Bear.

“Kids of LA” is an ongoing documentation by Joel Bear, showcasing the evolving male fashion and music scene in Los Angeles.

It was photographed by Joel Bear and produced by Maggie Bear. The models include Ian Reid, Christopher Brown, Samuel Robert, Eric Jess & Aidan Reid.

It depicts the clash of grunge and high fashion, paying homage to the kids that are creating the energy and grit that LA is known for.

Each subject styled his or herself.

Self-styling and self-expression were essential elements of each captured moment.

All photos were taken in Los Angeles.

The project is designed to feel timeless, depicting the now and reminiscing on the past, while showcasing the male anxiety and angst of youth carving their own way.

Music and fashion have always had a deep interconnected relationship, and it is that symbiotic pairing that pulsates as the underlining tone of the project.

The imagery is also a mix of digital and analog speaking to the timeless documentation and use of today’s mediums.

Follow Joel’s work on his Instagram @joelbear.

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