Jarell Perry Breaks and Builds in New Music Video for “Relapse”

By Gabby Catalano
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Everything (and everyone) breaks, from time to time.

Jarell Perry‘s new music video, “Relapse,” (featuring electronic producer, Deebs) is a powerful, heartwrenching interpretation of how a relationship and the two individuals in it can break, dissolve, evaporate.

The black and white contrast of the scenes highlight the strong beats, growing more and more forceful, as the relationship with Perry and his ‘significant other’ unfold, making the “decay of a relationship” story more relatable and intuitive to viewers. “Relapse” ends with a long shot of the female human form, adding to the video’s surreal environment and aesthetic beauty.


In addition to the storyline, the effects are quite complex and intriguing. The blurred faces, smearing scenes in slow motion, and red filter all add to Perry’s uniqueness as an artist and creator. His ambient soundscapes, contemporary influences, and introspective stories all make his work distinct from other artists. Perry is essentially his own genre: an artist reinvention.


But he isn’t the only genius behind the masterpiece.

The debut director, Yoshino, whose fashion photography has been featured in Elle Magazine, was one of the many creative visionaries behind the clips of “Relapse.” Ben Reyes, as well, adds vivid imagery and pixel frames to the video, making it more aesthetic and compelling.




This isn’t the first time Perry has established himself as an unconventional artist. Producer Deebs and Perry have produced multiple ultra-creative tracks together, including their well-known hits “Shift,” “Giving U,” and “Home,” featured in their 8-track EP called “Shift,” which was released in early May. Their music together is utterly atmospheric and breathtaking, taking listeners to a state of awe and giving off “feel-good” California vibes.



Watch the video below, and be sure to check out more of Perry’s melancholy/catchy R&B beats!

Talent/Music: Jarell Perry (@jarellperry)
Photo/GIF : Dyan Jong (@dyanjong)
Producer: Meagan Judkins (@sweetbabyjudkins)
Management on set: Cameron Rath (@vibecoach)
Makeup: Jeffrey Baum (@jeffreybaummakeup)
Assistants: Shane Lopes (@shanelopesphoto) and Debbie Jong (@debbiejong)
Shot at The Artery LA Studio (@arteryla)
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