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Vampire fangs and spinal bones and two-headed bunnies and disembodied hands and weird little dinosaurs….

This is the ambient paraphernalia of VERAMEATs bizarre dream world (and the stuff nightmares induced by falling-asleep to Little Nemo are made of).

VERAMEAT started in NYC when designer Vera Balyura (an ex-model originally from the Ukraine) started making strange little charms for herself. Shortly thereafter, she took her pieces out on the flea-market circuit before finally setting up shop in the East Village. Hand-crafted from recycled silver and gold brass, the sculptural pieces never tarnish and fall in that price point sweet-spot of $50 – $300.

Last month, Vera & co brought the collection of fine contemporary heirlooms to a neat little storefront across the street from Chin Chin on Beverly Hills Boulevard. We dropped into the new boutique this past Saturday to snap some photos and snag some flair, spending the better part of an hour ogling the whimsical displays of delicate metal creatures dangling from creepy objects.

Because we grew up on Pokemon and can’t help but want to catch them all.



hand verameatwindow2 boxes verameatwindow wall wall2  inside necklaces

189  S Beverly Drive
Beverly Hills CA 90212
Open : Monday-Sunday 11am-7pm

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