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Los Angeles-based artist Vasa Mihich is introducing an ongoing series of radiant cast acrylic sculptures that explore the relationship between light and color. His pieces are available as multiples making his art highly accessible, meaning, this is art people can actually buy for semi-reasonable prices.

Vasa Mihich 1

Vasa was born in Yugoslavia, but has called L.A. home since his arrival to the states in 1960 and is currently a senior Professor of Design at the University of California, Los Angeles. His work has evolved over the past thirty years as he explores the absorption and reflection of pure light. Today, Vasa is best known for his sleek prism sculptures based on simple shapes (the triangle, square, circle and rectangle), and his laminated acrylic forms are composed of layered filters of colored planes that vary according to the source and placement of ambient light. 

Vasa Mihich 3

Vasa Mihich 4

Vasa Mihich 6

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