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This past weekend, LAC had the pleasure of attending the Parachute Market. The theme of the occasion was “Psychedelic Summer,” which would normally terrify this writer because even the faintest smell of patchouli makes her minimalist sensibilities shudder. However, the event was anything but a hippy nightmare. Nestled deep in the Arts District in Downtown, the carefully curated marketplace offered a display anyone could get behind.


The potential hippy nightmare, mentioned above

The Parachute Market is a design show specifically for artists and designers who not only display beautiful things but everything shown is actually for sale, if you can afford it. The event hosted a myriad of good-looking L.A. locals who are selling their passion projects—fine art, new and vintage clothing, furniture, bags, jewelry and music, just to name a few. The best part about these sorts of outdoor markets is being able to converse with the person who handmade your new favorite necklace and knowing the story behind creating it.



All of Natalia Benson‘s designs are inspired by the perfect synergy of nature. Next to her jewelry display is a deck of tarot cards because, that’s right, she can also tell you your fortune. Just an added bonus.



Le Renard bags are made by hand in Los Angeles using only natural indigo to create each pattern, making every bag one-of-a-kind. The inside is just as special as its outward appearance, with a perfect suede pocket to hold all of your little treasures.


Christi Jay uses mostly salvaged and re-purposed material, giving her pieces a new life. Her geometric textile work, as seen to the left and right of her jewelry display, balance the rawness of natural wood with the warm and cool shapes made from textile-work.



Brendan Ravenhill‘s Chord Pendant light is made and assembled in Los Angeles. The minimalist design is simple, but not at all boring. Our diningroom table could really use the company of this bad boy (or girl).



Tracy Wilkinson‘s ceramic pieces are perfect hung inside the house in that kitchen corner beside a breakfast nook or set outside to add intrigue to your succulent garden. Head to her site to check out her pieces made with leather straps. She also offers a variety of attractive home furnishings.

All in all, we left already looking forward to the next Parachute Market, lamenting our apartment size and wishing we could furnish our homes with even more of the wares we were so impressed by.




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