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When you think of Los Angeles, beach and surf culture instantly come to mind. But behind that shiny postcard facade of LA’s waterfront lies a cement sprawl nearly half the size of Rhode Island. Sprouting up like a proverbial weed between concrete sidewalk slabs came skateboarding. And with it evolved a culture: shoes, clothes, language, attitude. While countless of shops and brands have popped up to cater to that culture, but few have had the staying power of West LA’s Hot Rod.





Hot Rod initially set out to reflect the skate lifestyle amidst the juxtaposition of concrete and class found in Los Angeles. But as that grew, so did the aspirations of the Hot Rod crew. Now, their goal is to redefine the look and feel of what it means to live, work, and skate LA. We caught up with store manager Bernard to ask a couple of questions about what they’ve got going on.




LAC: Aside from your launch with CANTSTOPGOODBOY, does H|R have any exciting collaborations on the horizon?
We are excited to be collaborating with an iconic Los Angeles Barber shop. Without going to much into detail, we can say that it’s an innovative project. However, it is still in its infancy. I will say that change is definitely coming for the Los Angeles gentleman.





LAC: Any relaunches, rebrandings, or big changes for H|R?
We will continue to build upon the H|R brand. Starting in May, we will be launching the H|R Deluxe line of apparel that focuses more on cut, class, and quality. We also plan on returning to our skate roots by providing a collection of H|R original skateboards and accessories. Beyond that, H|R is also a functioning gallery, and we will be hosting art shows and events monthly. In addition, we host a weekly happy hour (Fri 5-7pm) where our customers can enjoy a draft beer or a scotch compliments of the house while they shop.





LAC: Anything else we should know about H|R?
H|R (Hot Rod) was established in 1995, and we’ve seen many stores come and go. The fact that we’ve been here for 18 years and have managed to stay relevant speaks volumes on who we are as a brand. There have been ups and downs for us, but we’re still here and stronger than ever. If you’ve been away, now’s the time to come back, and if you haven’t been…Where the fuck you at?

Hot Rod Life
2253 Westwood Blvd, Los Angeles 90064



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