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For many men, a haircut is simply a routine process. Get in car, go to local barber, pay $30 and leave with a cut that’s satisfactory but not exactly in line with your idea of dashing-young-gentleman. Proper Barbershop Founder Vinnie Morey is trying to change that. Having his start cutting hair in female centered salons around the world, Morey made the switch to the classic art of barbering, and has never looked back.

At 23, Morey, along with business partner Trent Magnano, opened the doors of Proper approximately 9 years ago, all with the goal of creating an a classic barbershop atmosphere where a great cut could be had. Centering their business around “period correct” mens cuts from the 1920’s and onward, they have been cutting the locks of everyone from the normal joe to Hollywood celebrity. Morey looks at his work as both a tradition and an art, all while paying homage to the history that follows the craft.

“All we really hope to do here–not by our look or the way we dress, but by our haircuts and our work–we hope to pay homage to barbering.”

Morey and Magnano have certainly paid homage to classic barbering with Proper, but with a touch of flair that they attribute to punk, skate culture. While the shop’s chairs are like those you’d find in an old-school barbershop, the surrounding mirrors, booths and walls are filled with tattoo flash, skateboard decks, and custom-made pieces by local artists-slash-customers, alongside vintage barbershop memorabilia.

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“A lot of us are just normal punk rock dudes. We ride motorcycles, we grew up skating and going to shows, and we aren’t going to change that because we cut hair.”

Proper’s mix of old-school dapperness and modern-day punk sensibilities is clearly an equation for success. And other brands have taken notice, with successful collaborations from brands Rebel 8 and Filtrate Eyewear resulting in custom shop towels, t-shirts, sunglasses and beyond.  The Rebel 8 collaboration was one in particular that struck the Proper’s humble owners. “My business partner and I have been fans of [Rebel 8] for so long, that for us to now get the opportunity to actually do a shirt with them is kind of a dream come true.”

Still, with all their success, Proper claims to stay true to its community-valuing roots. The shop’s employees have come from paths as varied as long-term friendships and clients who were so interested that they started as shop assistants and worked their way up. There’s a certain camaraderie within the shop, where guests face each other, rather than a mirror, and we have a hunch it’s this that really elevates Proper from being a trendy barbershop to being a Class-A destination.

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So, what are you waiting for? Mention LA CANVAS during your next cut (first or 100th, whichever it may be) by Vinnie and the Proper crew and receive it all for $20.00. We think that’s a pretty stellar deal.

Get in touch with them here.


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