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When I was growing up, my father was always picking up pairs of cheap-o prescription glasses from the revolving rack at the super market. He had many equivalent pairs, which he constantly misplaced and could never find, especially when they were on his head. One time we went on a roller-coaster ride and one of them dropped into the void, doomed to a forgotten life spent among gravel, a few resilient weeds, and the occasional visit from a maintenance man.

While I too suffer from less-than-perfect eyesight, I thankfully failed to inherit my dad’s unstable relationship with eyewear. I’ve been in a healthy monogamous relationship with the same pair of fancy-shmance prescription sunglasses for years now, because my “finicky” (as dad would say) tastes dictate that I give a shit about things I put on my face every single day. But nobody quite understands he importance of selecting the right acetate partner like the duo behind Dr. York Spectacle Maker.

A third-generation optometrist, José Castellanos and his wife Elena Orestano started Dr. York in Mexico City’s bohemian Roma neighborhood in order to share their passion and high standards for independent eyewear, something they had cultivated over time in the mainstream industry. With their sights set on joining the cutting-edge eyewear movement here in LA, they recently opened up a second shop here on West 3rd St.





The shop only carries a small selection of hand-made frames made by up-and-coming indie designers from Italy, Germany, France and North America. Ranging in price from $100-400, only brands that value high attention to detail, unusual unique designs, and elevated craftsmanship are chosen. You can’t find these glasses anywhere else in LA, and better yet, they only sell one of each style, so once you buy a pair, no one else in the city will have the same one.




As you browse the gallery of options, José and Elena offer their in-depth knowledge of each designer and guide you towards the right frame to fit your lifestyle.



Dr. York’s also has a curated selection of Vintage frames, including Ray Bans from the ’50’s, Carreras from the 80’s, and Christian Dior sunnies from the ’80’s, all restored in-house by José in his neat little workshop. If you have a pair of old frames leftover from Grandma that need a little updating, José’s your guy.










The shifting shelving made from pvc pipe and tubes is a unique architectural feature of the sunny 3rd street shop.











If you’ve been on the hunt for a truly individual pair of spectacles or sunnies, look no further than Dr. York’s Spectacle. You’re sure to have a personalized, friendly shopping experience and leave with a unique set of frames to last through your next roller-coaster ride.



8302 West 3rd street Los Angeles, California, 90048

Open 11am-7pm Mon-Sat, 11am-5pm Sunday





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