Ink + Acrylic: Meet Poncho the Artist

By Jessie Ma
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All human beings are junkies, for one thing or another. The trick is to be addicted to something good.


Celebrity tattoo artist, body painter, and artist, Edward “Poncho The Artist” Davila founded “Art is My Drug” in 2012 and opened the Art is My Drug Studio in 2013.

As the title suggests, he’s about all things expressive, art in any shape or form. His vision and works have grown him to be a public figure, a mentor, a motivator not just to local artists, but to those across the world. He tours various high schools, to educate children about the importance of the arts. His ultimate mission is to give artists a platform to share, discover, and support each other.

His own work extends anywhere from innovative body art, life-like tattoos, and hand-painted costumes, to name a few. His creativity and versatility make it no surprise that he was recently crowned the winner of the Art Brawl live art contest, hosted by our friends at El Jimador. Poncho has also been featured in LA Weekly, and dubbed by Inked Magazine as “LA’s Top 20 Tattoo Artists.”





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