Meet Gallant, the R&B Powerhouse Who’s Changing the Game

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You never know what people are going to say online about you. For Gallant, a comment in a song on his Soundcloud page made him so angry that he called the user in the middle of the night. After hearing in so many industry meetings how great his music was, the person on the other end of the phone, David Dann from the indie music label Mind of a Genius, was the first label executive to give him harsh criticism. “That’s when I knew he was focused on pushing me and my music,” says Gallant.

With a falsetto that could melt the microphone and lyrics that only a master wordsmith could forge, jaws dropped when “Weight in Gold” came out. For his next single coming out this month, Gallant promises me it will sound like “everything is going to be all right.” Onstage for RedBull’s 30 Days in LA, wearing white from head to toe, the man just could not stay still. The name of the game in music is usually: pick a genre and go with it. But Gallant isn’t interested in this or any other labels. He’s a student of music, always looking at the next step in his evolving repertoire. “Making an album is like writing a college essay. I’m still proofreading, editing, and trying to add an extra page,” he says. It’s this attitude that’s garnered Gallant some gold stars from fans and industry players, constantly surprised and entertained by his performances.


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