I Love You, Splash House.

By Maya Haddad
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Photo courtesy of Splash House

I have a confession to make.

Every year, I forget about Splash House. I forget how fun it is, I forget the way it feels to be there. Then, suddenly, it pops up on my press calendar and I scramble to get my schedule together.

My disorientation swiftly realigns to pure ecstatic joy when I arrive, and all the memories, good times, and great feelings flood back into my body and soul, propelling the present energy into a rainbow spiral all around me.

Yes! Splash House is that good!

Photo courtesy of Splash House


And this time, freshly back home in Los Angeles after my weekend at the festival, I have vowed to never forget again. Not only have I vowed to remember and build up my schedule to the weekend (one in June and one in August), but I have come back as some kind of a prophet, pumping up my friends and neighbors for next year and explaining how necessary it is for them to go.

I still get surprised at how many people don’t know about Splash House. While I’m impressed at how the festival has grown, when I get back to Los Angeles and I’m chatting with my peers, I realize that about 50% of them haven’t heard of it. Usually you get one of two responses: “What is that?” or “Yeahhh!”

I honestly am starting to believe it is the perfect festival experience. Here’s why…

At a typical festival, you have to be clear about who you want to see, when you want to see them, and plan accordingly. You have to walk vast fields, sit on dusty grounds waiting, and truly work and hope to get your money’s worth.

Photo courtesy of Splash House

With Splash House, wherever you go, you’re in the middle of the party. The music gets better every year, the energy at every pool and hotel is explosive, and, all you need (more or less) is a bikini and your wrist band (so you’re extremely present and light as you move and groove). Nobody is grumpy, and while hype permeates every music industry event within 200 miles of Los Angeles, no one seems to be uptight or condescending. Everyone is truly just happy to be there.

Plus… the hotel parties! You’re within close access to your home-base and you get to hotel hop and room hop. It’s sexy and fun, like summer trick or treating.

This weekend’s universal highlight? Diplo. Everyone was “raving” about his set. My highlight? Sunday afternoon dancing to ilo ilo at the Renaissance. We were jumping on land and in water to classics from Justice to Kaytranada. The sets have become more diverse and sophisticated, and the level of the festival has risen because of the attention paid to detail and true musical artistry.

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Out of this world @diplo 🌀

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Well done, Splash House! I will see you next year, and I will be ready with a caravan of people.

This should be the choice festival for everyone. It’s a great opportunity to bring friends of different backgrounds and tastes to once place to make colorful memories.

I love you, Splash House!

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