How to Party: An Introvert’s Guide to Art Basel

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I am, admittedly, an Art Basel newbie. Where others have been hobnobbing with the rich in Miami each winter for years, I had no interest … until I was invited to show. It’s just that, well, a day look art okay. Three days of art non stop, well, a man has his limits.

But my prior perspective was shortsighted. It was naive. It was, well, more Basel in Switzerland or Hong Kong. When it comes to the three locations “Art Basel” happens in, Miami, as I was told by the charming and beautiful women who actually organize and throw this event, is different. Miami is, as, well, what Miami is known for: It is a party.

Yes, there’s art. Yes, there’s desgn. But, I mean, look at your instagram… there’s a good chance you follow at least one person who is out there partying. And let’s clear some things up: if any of the people you follow on IG were in bathing suits with a picturesque clear skies, it was a damn lie. Miami was cloudy and raining every day. Sure, there was a 10 minute reprieve here-and-there, but the photos of this Basel being sunny and cliche Florida is as honest as any instafamous person’s selfie.

But the amount of partying their photos imply, that’s probably true. Each night there are a score of parties. Most of them are invite only or ticketed events. Invite-only seemed pretty loose, if you look the part and put your head down while mindlessly pretending to be on your phone, most security didn’t blink. But that’s true pretty much anywhere you are.

So for Basel 2016, plan ahead. Stock up on Red Bull or whatever you all-night-party-tool of choice is, and rest up. Only about 50 weeks left.

And if you get the chance, the party of the year —for me at least —was the one hosted by the organizers of the whole event. Unfortunately to get in you had to be an exhibitor, but like I said, there’s ways around that…

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