Hot Girl Summer: A Female Empowerment Meme

By Isabelle Cruz
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Calling all the “hotties.”

It’s what 2019 calls a #hotgirlsummer, a phrase used by ​women (and men) to be “unapologetically themselves,” to have a “good-ass time,” to “hype up friends” and to just “do you,” according to Houston rapper and trend setter Megan Thee Stallion to ​The Root.

The line originates from the first line of the Houston rapper’s song “Cash Shit” highlighting: “Real hot girl shit.” However, it was her fans who brought the “hot girl summer” vibes to life with an explosion of social media posts tagging #hotgirlsummer.

Not only did this capture worldwide attention, but it also brought on unity and the uplifting powers of female empowerment, body positivity and self confidence. Pictures, videos, comments and captions have scattered internet platforms with encouraging messages.

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Me and 4oe😍

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But is the word “hot” appropriate for the message the phrase is trying to convey? In a traditional sense, hot is the word that was and is still used to objectify a person.

The way it is used in this context reclaims the word with a feminist tilt. By calling themselves hot, people not only claim ownership over their appearance, but they also claim the word itself.

Hot girl summer can extend beyond the summer season. It’s a mentality.

In an interview, Megan Thee Stallion jokingly mentioned how the trend could bleed into the month of October. And, why not?

It’s all about the vibe and sanctity of “hot girl summer” that spurs the spirit, making it a timeless movement ready to motivate any participant who is ready to represent their own empowerment.

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