Happy Birthday, Kamasi!

By Modern Mahogany
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Photo: Krists Luhaers // @Kristsll

Today, February 18th, we celebrate the birthday of an African American icon. An influencer of powerful composition and a visually captivating model of artistic expression. The pioneer of jazz resurgence and an architect of a modern music metaphor.

To my big brother, and the best story teller I’ve ever known, Happy Birthday Kamasi. The music you resurrect and the cinematic movements illustrated by your inspiration, give the world a broader interpretation of how beautiful jazz really is.

With each breath, you exhale a humble liveliness within your body and out through your horn. Kamasi, you exemplify a serene blast of ambition, power and originality. While creating a transformative yet relatable experience for audiences, you ignite a steady flow of positive sound vibrations, that literally knock fans through a wave of time.

You take admirers back to the moments when jazz cats jammed all night until the sun woke up, then suddenly shoot them through to a modern galactically trance of futuristic light. From The Proclamation to Heaven and Earth, you have truly created remarkable impact.

Historically, Jazz has been one of the most inspirational genres of music in America. Sprouting from the depths of a revolution into a rhythmic ambience that somehow makes your foot tap without warning. Jazz is springing into mainstream and Kamasi Washington is the force which lengthens its roots. Flowing instruments of wood wind, brass, bass, drums, pianos and the human soul, create a harmonious stimulus that invigorates the senses. With no calculated anatomy of musical engineering, jazz is just something you just simply feel. Like a brotherly love or a chemical attraction, jazz just happens

Kamasi Washington, Inglewood born and internationally known, has blown the world away with his invigorating talent and continuously inventive concepts. Street Fighter Mas was like, wow, amazing!  Honestly one of my favorite videos to watch, not just because my brother is the creative influence behind it, but because I spent hours trying to understand exactly what in the world does this mean. I was puzzled, but intrigued. That’s the power of Kamasi.

Those of us who know Kamasi personally, understand that Kamasi is not only a breathtaking innovator when it comes to music, but he’s also got a brilliant mind. His sincere ability to manifest an entire genius of genre doesn’t just come from decades of practice playing instruments and writing music.  It also comes from a God given gift of prominent critical thinking ability and creative dominance. Kamisi’s intellect is vastly renown, and it seeps through into everything he does. Just try playing dominoes with him or answering one of his riddles.

I love watching my brother perform, and I have learned a lot from observing him over the years. He makes everyone laugh, and tells stories with such vivid quality, you can’t separate yourself from reality and wherever his words take you. You’ll laugh nonstop if you are blessed to be in the presence of Kamasi Washington.

If you haven’t heard his music, stop what you’re doing and do the simple millennial thing, just type his name into YouTube. You’ll be blown away. Heaven and Earth will take you there, and there, is yet to be discovered. That’s the power of Kamasi. Happy Birthday!

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