Halloweekend Recap: El Jimador Art Brawl

By Jessie Ma
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The already ridiculous number of things going on at any given time in LA makes an exponential spike on a holiday. Yep, the city sure does love any excuse to celebrate. We confess that our favorite activity after a big party-day is stalking everyone’s photos, wishing we could’ve cloned ourselves to hit every single event.. But for those curious about what we did this Halloween, you are welcome to stalk, here.

We spend the evening in the heart of Hollywood. Our pals at El Jimador got us the adult equivalent of sugar-high: tequila-buzzed. And along with their signature drinks, brought us the adult equivalent of arts and crafts: an intense live painting competition between 6 local artists for a chance to have their work featured at an El Jimador Reveal Party.


The winner of this Wall Brawl? Poncho The Artist, founder of Art is my Drug, tattoo artist, body painter, etc. He won bragging rights, a $150 gift certificate from Palladium Boots, $50 Gift card from Blick, a $400 cash prize, and another chance to showcase his work. Catch him at tomorrow’s exhibit at St. Felix in Hollywood. Re-experience his live painting, and take home a print for yourself.





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