Get 10 Feet Off The Ground with More Giraffes at the Hi Hat for the Live Debut of Their Summer Single ‘Treehouse’

By Isabelle Cruz
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Courtesy Photo by Zac Wolf

LA-based synth-pop duo Mark Hadley and Keeley Bumford, also known as More Giraffes, tease another addition to the chill vibes and carefree pop from their upcoming EP ​”Bermuda” ​with the live debut of their forthcoming single “Treehouse.”

The track fits their branded style of “no rules, no boundaries” pop with a relatable message about life and how we have a tendency to get swept up in the everyday to the point where we all need our own metaphoric “treehouses” to escape and just feel free.

Members of More Giraffes said the inspiration foe the track was their friend’s experience at a retreat in a treehouse in Hawaii.

“We wrote this song about getting above it all, in a treehouse. Castle in the clouds, 10 feet off the ground.” said the More Giraffes duo.


More Giraffes have been working together for a number of years in music professionally and wanted to channel their energy into a future pop sounding project that had “bright colors” and “funny lyrics.”

The idea for their unique name came from a day Keeley and Mark were scaling walls at their rock climbing gym in Downtown LA.

“Mark looked at me and told me he’d just read an article about the dwindling population of giraffes in the world and how sad that was. Immediately he said ‘Lets start a band and call it More Giraffes.’ So we did. The world needs more giraffes.” explains Bumford.

More Giraffes describe their creative process as trying to make each other laugh with their lyrics and if it’s absurd and funny, it stays.

“Mark started some beats for the first EP that I wrote melodies and lyrics…we then sculpted the production together to get it to the finish line.” said Bumford.

On the forthcoming “Bermuda” EP, More Giraffes reached to a few of their trusted collaborators like Sweater Beats (featured on “Playground”) and their homie Jeremy Silver who they wrote “Treehouse” with.


Fans can check out this mellow track live at the Hi Hat in LA on Aug. 21 at 8 p.m. The event is free with RSVP plus one +1 on ​WFNM.EVENTBRITE.COM​, however there is an age restriction of only 21 and older.

It’s going to be a party!

(Make sure to listen here!)


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