Fashion for The Feminist Franchise.

By Modern Mahogany
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Each year we recognize new artistry launched within the fashion industry. We honor individualism as it is expressed globally. Women are depicting exactly who they are through statement. Rendering power, sexuality and antiquity to the forefront of society. Women are producing political proclamations with the threads worn on their backs. Hey Change.

Though women have always found ways to express themselves, what makes today’s climate different, is having the growing social, political and economic equilibrium to back it up. Feminism is changing how clothing is perceived on a women’s body. No longer will we be looking to women for sexual enterprise. The exposure of her skin and the display of her alluring curves are very intriguing. However, nothing compares to the powerful feeling of dressing for yourself vs society.

Fashion trends are getting political, and women are ahead of the country in every way. We are finally trending bodies within our realms of reality. Designers are catching on quickly. Aerie, Savage X Fenty and Good American are just a few popular brands celebrating figures that range across the globe. Growing brands such as Slashed By Tia and Matte Brand are allowing women to express the love of their bodies through exposure in effortless ways by using transparent fabrics in some of their most popular pieces. What feminism has begun to do is, give voices to females not only saying me too, but women who just want to say, this is me.

Major fashion foodies are predicting the trends for 2019, and I can’t help but notice the similarities between women’s fashion and women’s growth. Boiler suits, though usually a masculine donned apparel, are set to continue their reign this spring as women opt for fashion choices with less hassle. No harm ladies, your satisfaction is what counts, not the opinion of the guy asking why you’re wearing men’s clothing. He doesn’t get it.

Another forecasted trend are bows. Big bows! Thought this was only for the little ones? Oh no honey, this is for the gals who live to make statements outside of the ballroom, or in it. You’re a lady, and you can wear whatever you want. So go girly in the office with an extravagant bow thrown over your shoulder, and remind everyone who you are. The color’s sage and pistachio are creeping in as well. Hmm, I wonder if this has anything to do with all the sage smudging and releasing of negative energies that women are practicing. Just a guess.

My favorite fashion trend to look forward to this year is the oversized blazer. Never been out of style, just hasn’t always been popular, kind of like women in power positions. The oversized blazer says “watch me work.” Isn’t it ironic that women are the leading growing entrepreneurs in the country? I think not. Still, how undeniably sexy is it to see a woman wearing an oversized blazer? She holds power in that blazer. Her arms free to roam about without restriction. Women without restrictions in 2019. I like that.

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