ELA Advertising Provides a Unique Workspace for Creativity

By Raquel Vasquez
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VMA Watch Party at ELA Headquarters Photo Credit Raquel Vasquez

Remember years ago there were companies with a fresh vision and offices were beautiful to the eye and made you actually want to go to work? These new age companies had bright color walls, state of the art coffee machines and in house gyms. A far difference between grey cubicles stuffed with post it notes and talks by the water cooler. It was a fad that seemed to have come and gone and lasted maybe somewhere out in Silicon Valley. 

ELA Advertising in West Hollywood is the leader of bringing that trend back to the workplace. ELA Advertising is your go-to for advertising, branding, production, marketing, experimental concepts, influencer marketing, events, social media, strategy planning, and more all under one roof.

On what would otherwise be a sleepy Monday night, ELA Advertising invited me to their 2019 VMA’s Watch Party at their headquarters. “Sip, Snack and Watch” was on their invitation flyer. I arrived at their headquarters, and found the entrance through the alley in the back. You walked through their private parking lot into a veranda. The viewing space was hooked up with a silver screen, plush seating, and some incredible food and drinks! It was beautiful, with an outdoor vibe and sweet lighting.

ELA Advertising is the home to some fascinating clients. Check out their website to “view case study.” Their message is about creativity, discovery, with a flavor of attitude, “Question everything” and “Discovery is hiding in the chaos” are some of their mantras. ELA is sure to tap on optimism and the power of connection.

ELA Advertising Provides a Creative Environment Photo Credit Raquel Vasquez

The VMA’s are fun to watch, but an ELA Watch Party is the way to do it. The veranda became a chat gallery of cool and beautiful people. The food and refreshments were not only delicious but innovative! The pizza was not just any pizza, it was “Skinny Bitch Pizza.”  Stacks of hot pink pizza boxes with red kiss lips caught your eye, fabulous for a Hollywood event. No guilt and a cauliflower crust was the hook. “Sushi Snob” killed it with incredibly fresh delicious sushi in traditional Japanese lunch boxes in gold foil and saturated colors. The same way kids read the back of a cereal box is the concept here, plenty to look at, plenty to read and laugh at.

Each alluring sushi box came with a tiny flat paper bag with a napkin and chopsticks. Flat for convenience and boxed for ease. What a great meal with wasabi, edamame, ginger, and soy sauce. Sushi Snob is sure to be a smash hit. “Save Drake Farm’s” salad was in the house and served fresh.

If you’re into Mendocino Farms sandwiches, you might know about “Dr. Dan,” the veterinarian owner behind the farm that Mendocino Farms Sandwiches has been working with for years. It was great to see the support of our local California farms. Herbs de Provence marinated green apples and dried cranberries, crushed honey roasted almonds with a citrus vinaigrette was everything you’d hope it to be. All of this wonderful spread was topped off with bottles of champagne, and wine by Mezzacorona.

Skinny B*tch Pizza Served Sans the Guilt Photo Credit Raquel Vasquez

During the VMA’s  there was another party going on inside the ELA headquarters. This office space is truly wonderful. You walk in and you start gasping and smiling like a goof. I’m sure the staff are quite used to it. The exposed brick walls, mood lighting and art make it a beautiful and creative workspace. I could actually live there. Alyson Campbell PR Manager for the agency, an energy and force of the company, gave me the full tour of the building. The ELA headquarters was one cool spot after another.

The concept behind the watch party was to share their wonderful environment. It was absolutely motivating to be there. If employers want to pull more work out of their employees, this is the way. The vibe was happy, not forced. The space, beckoning and enticing. The result is the proof. ELA Advertising is a global and creative ad agency leading the way of the future. Be sure to follow them on social media @elaadvertising.

$ushi $nob Smash Hit of the Night Photo Credit Raquel Vasquez


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