Dwell to Invade Downtown: Get excited

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Downtown Los Angeles gets even better, thanks to Dwell On Design May 29-31. For designers this is our fashion week. Our puppy bowl. Our Super Tuesday. Big names come out to show off their new wares, and consumers get the chance to not just see the newest goods, but actually feel and interact with them, as opposed to simply adoring by way a perfectly-lit studio shot.

This isn’t the biggest in the US for contemporary furniture, but it does set itself apart with real home tours and Dwell Design Source at Met Lofts.

What are the home tours, you ask? They’re really something special: ticketed events that allow you to experience what your dream home might look like, by seeing some of Dwell’s handpicked Los Angeles selections. Spread throughout the city, these homes are designed by some top architects and lived in by homeowners with incredible taste. So go ahead! Be a bit voyeuristic.

The Met Lofts event is similar, just more contained. Dwell picks an interior designer/architect and gives them very few restrictions and let’s conference attendees check it out. Their staged lofts are all in the DTLA Met Loft building and remain open to the public until July 19.

Who’s is the best? That’s your call, but I can offer a tidbit of inside info: FOUR POINT Design + Construction may very well wind up with my vote, as part of their loft will be featuring goods from my furniture company, Patrick Cain Designs.

Get your tickets for trade show or home tours here.


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