Don’t Sleep: The Indie Designers Putting LA Fashion on the Map

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It’s safe to say that the hub of all credible American fashion being New York-based is a passé claim. While LA has shed some of its vanity play to be slightly more accredited in the creative sphere, it’s hometown to some of our favorite undiscovered and staple designers in the vain of womenswear. Our top five for the up-coming season are influencing others by making their own way, thinking outside of what’s already been done and using the global connection of our time to bring different influences to the west coast.




With a namesake dedicated to our city, it’s easy to fall in love with something that isn’t trying to be innocuous or pseudo-French. Founded by Rebecca Grenell in 2013, the brand hits at that sweet spot price range while providing unique forms of the staples you fill your closest with for layering and pairing. Better yet, the entire production and formation of the line happens right here in Downtown. Check out their newly opened retail spot on the Sunset Junction.



Wal & Pai

Cropping up on Instagram feeds every where this last spring, most people first came in contact with their pointed peep toe mules and abstract cut loafers via the viral medium. Wal & Pai is the shoe you spot on the girl in front of you that gets you to talk pre-coffee just to ask where and what is going on down there. Founded in the spring of 2015 by Harel Waldman and Hsuan Pai, the shoe atelier is evolving leather footwear by having no fear of making a statement.



Hansel From Basel

Often going unappreciated, a compliment on your socks is actually a unique ego boost. Life gets busy and most of us are often wearing mismatched off-white selections that we plan on showing to no one. Enter Mount Washington’s Hansel from Basel, with a special focus on the finer things underneath footwear. Also not to be forgotten is their select knitwear, living up to the quality of their toe covers.



Pari Desai

Our aforementioned love for the Echo Park-based knitwear line is documented in issues past, but saying it again always feels right. Pari Desai’s past collection has been a go-to for our favorite stylists and photographers editorially, with its attention to detail, intuitive cuts and her ability to incorporate colorway. This spring she keeps her cool, while putting out another round of her light tan and black staple shoulder bags.



Catherine Quin

All black everything is a simple way to encapsulate the theme of Catherine Quin’s collection. Her elegant silhouettes divulge with texture and cut variations without the distraction of bold coloring or off hand visual elements. The female form taking first priority, her top quality material and fits are meant to create for you the dream dress, with no accident that its dark hue makes it versatile.

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