Day Trip: From Brunch to Beach

By Sarah Epperson
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It’s a widely held belief that Angelenos spend all their free time at the beach. Ultimately though, we’re plagued by grueling traffic, conflicting work schedules, and endless errands—just like everybody else. So as we all know, this can mean weeks or even months between beach days.

LAC is here to help. In an effort to savor what’s left of summer 2015, we’ve compiled a list of some our favorite beaches—coupled with some great nearby brunch spots—for your end of the season itinerary. It’s Wednesday, start the group text.

Surf’s Up – Malibu Surfrider Beach

Malibu Surfrider

Beach: If cracking open a novel in the sand sounds all too bland, head to Malibu Surfrider Beach where hundreds of surf amateurs and pros congregate to battle it out for the best waves. Revel in hours of endless entertainment from surfers catching waves, and the inevitable wipeouts.


Brunch: You don’t even have to move your car to enjoy brunch at this spot, take a stroll up the beach and onto the pier for a local favorite Malibu Farm. Its cafe, is located at the end of the pier is perfect if you’re looking for a quick over the counter bite, and gives you the option to stroll around with your food or eat it on their rooftop deck. If you’ve got time to spare and would like a more leisurely brunch stop in at the restaurant located at the beginning of the pier for a stunning sit-down brunch, both options include complimentary postcard views of Malibu.

Dog Day Afternoon – Rosie’s Dog Beach


Beach: Fur parents we know that a day at the beach is not filled with peace or joy if you cannot bring your child along. Rosie’s Dog Beach located in Long Beach is the ideal beach for you and your four-footed friends. The remarkably clean beach has relatively small surf so the pups can play in the waves without getting too overwhelmed. On the weekends the shores are filled with every breed imaginable and friendly pups are sure to make a friend, or hundred. Rosie’s is also known for hosting massive breed meetups such as the famous Corgi Meetup which brought over 800 squatty bodies to the beach.


Brunch: Beachwood BBQ & Brewery is the perfect after beach spot for you and your pup. After running around in the sun all day both of you deserve some R&R and BBQ, (but don’t attempt to order a PBR, Beachwood only serves craft brews). This spot is extremely dog-friendly and will be happy to get them a fresh doggy bowl, and their massive proportions just may send you home with a doggy bag.

Canyon Cruiser – Topanga State Beach


Beach: If you’re coming from the valley this may be the option for you. Take the scenic route through windy Topanga Canyon, and forget that you’re even close to LA for a few moments. Topanga State Beach is praised for being one of the less populated beaches so if you’re looking for a lot room to spread your towel this may be the beach for you.

Reel Inn

Brunch: The Reel Inn Malibu may not look like much from the outside, but this often overlooked restaurant is a local favorite. The Reel’s keeps it low-key, beachy, and simple with a menu consists mostly of seafood but also caters to its vegetarian fanbase.

Hot New Spot – Hermosa Beach

Hermosa Beach

Beach: Hermosa is quickly becoming the new hotspot beach, a bit further away from LA then some of our other selections, but this is what gives it and it’s inhabitants such a laidback fresh feel. Hermosa’s recent popularity may be related to its close proximity to Silicon Beach – home to over 500 tech startups offices including Google, Yahoo!, YouTube, and Buzzfeed, but Hermosa offers a less tourist impacted beach than Santa Monica or Venice.


Brunch: Abigaile, whose location which was once a church and a rehearsal space for the punk band Black Flag (we cannot imagine a more opposite combination). Abigaile thrives on unlikely combinations and pulls inspiration for its dishes from all over the world, and seeks to create it in an ethical way, it’s mission is “Globally-Influenced + Domestically-Sourced”.

Weekend Getaway – Leo Carrillo

Leo Beach

Beach: For the adventurous group who needs a break for the hustle and the bustle of LA, pack up and take a weekend camping trip up to Leo Carrillo. The spectacular beach and campgrounds are nestled at the foot of the Santa Monica Mountains just north of Malibu. Getting out and having all your friends camping together may force even the most internet addicted to log off for a few hours and finally get that quality bonding time you’ve all been craving.

LC Breakfast

Bruch: Camping stove cooked oatmeal and eggs complimented by mimosas out of mugs, savored as you watch the sunrise in the sand.

Too Busy for a Beach Day – Beach Nation


 Brunch: Too much to do for a full on beach day? Beach Nation in West Hollywood sympathizes and has created a city locked beach escape, for those who want to feel the sand between their toes while sipping mimosas, but not actually get their hair wet.

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