DABSMYLA Repurpose Spanish Revival Building for Latest Exhibition, “Before & Further”

By Kimberly B. Johnson
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(Photo courtesy @Kingstonphoto)

Husband and wife artist duo, DABSMYLA, gained some traction earlier this year after they designed the stage installations, logo and award statuette for the 2015 MTV Movie Awards. Those in the know, however, would have already been familiar with the two as the graffiti-tag-team export from Australia.

With several notable examples of their epithets and characters placed up and down the Fairfax District — check across from the RVCA flagship or on the exterior wall of The Seventh Letter — the two are easily recognizable and honestly, kind of hard to miss.

Since they landed in Los Angeles in 2009, it hasn’t taken long for them to seduce the city with their bright, bubbly and nostalgic aesthetic inspired by Modernism and postwar art — referencing back to the 1950s illustrative works of cartoon tycoons such as Joseph Roland Barbera, (“Tom & Jerry,” “The Flinstones”).

Now, following the couple’s MTV commission, countless walls executed internationally and a slew of products and projects under their belts, they present their latest endeavor — a one month long, 4,000-square-foot installation entitled Before & Further.

Taking place in Downtown’s Modernica Factory, this is the couple’s, admittedly, most ambition exhibition to date. With Before & Further, they’ve transformed both the interior and exterior of the nearly century old building, re-imagining the space using paintings, sculptures, installations, fiberglass shell chairs, hand painted ceramics, custom-built lighting installations and so much more.

Before & Further runs through November 17. For more information, head to www.dabsmyla.com


(Photos courtesy @Kingstonphoto)

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